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Burn Out

365 days / 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  Our 1st Responders are on your time.  When you need help, they will come.  At times with no lunch,  lack of sleep, and normal life issues, but then still put YOU 1st.  It’s easy to say, you can get burned out.  

At 3,2,1, go, athlete #1 will run to the first parking line, touch it, and return slapping athlete #2’s hand while #2 is still behind the start line. Then #2 will run and touch the 2nd parking line and slap hands with #1. This will continue with each partner going to the line passed where their partner just went and each run getting longer. The final run will be one way with no return run. When #2 does their 7th run, they do not return. Upon #2 crossing the finish line, #1 then sprints to the same line finishing the challenge.  (Followed by “Hands Up” challenge.)

Hands Up

Any Law Enforcement Officer will tell you, “Hands are what kill people.”  So, when they say, “let me see your hands,”  they are serious!  What more serious then a 2 rep max effort Thruster lift!

This challenge follows “Burn Out.”  When the running clock hits 4 minutes, the team has 6 minutes for each member to record a 2 rep max thruster. The first lift can be a squat clean thruster but must transition right into rep #2. The score for this is the combined weight successfully lifted.

1st Responder

First responders are the individuals who respond to emergency situations in order to provide assistance: police officers, paramedics, and firefighters. They frequently face potentially dangerous and even traumatic situations and thus may be susceptible to a wide range of medical and mental health issues.  This puts a heavy weight on their shoulders.  In respect to this, we will challenge each team heavily on their shoulders in this team challenge.  Communication is KEY!

RX Males = 50 lb DB
Scaled Males = 35 lb DB
RX Females = 35 lb DB
Scaled Females = 20 lb DB

At 3,2,1, go, the partners do 30 alternating arm DB snatches that must be synchronized. Upon completing 30 reps, the team will do synchronized Overhead DB lunges for 3 parking spaces.  Once the team has crossed the line, they will do 30 synchronized DB shoulder to overhead, completing 15 right armed and then 15 left armed. They then do more synchronized OH lunges using the other arm. This continues for 8 minutes and the score is total reps for the team. Each parking space traveled with lunges is 1 rep.
Ex. 30 snatches + 3 lunges + 30 S2O + 3 lunges = 66 reps for the team.

Team S.W.A.T. Mission

This challenge will test the team’s skills and speed.  S.W.A.T. teams are all about strategy and resolving the issue without incident.  The team’s mission will be to resolve this issue as fast as possible without further incident.  8 subjects are located in a secured location and must be detained and carried out safely.  Complete this for time.

RX Males = 165 lbs
Scaled Males = 115 lbs
RX Females = 115 lbs
Scaled Females = 65 lbs

At 3,2,1, go, the team will execute 30 power cleans with each member doing 15 reps. They will then carry the bar (guys bar for Coed) across the parking lot to the burpee station where they will do 30 lateral burpees over the bar. Each will do 15 reps and these can be split as the team chooses. Tee team will then carry their bar back to the Power Clean station and repeat everything. The WOD ends when the team has done each Power Clean and burpees’ set twice and the bar is carried back across the starting line.